PVFD Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Reports

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Board Meeting Agenda 11-22-2019
Board Meeting Minutes 11-22-2019
Special Session Agenda 12-5-2019
Special Session Minutes 12-5-2019
Board Meeting Agenda 12-18-2019
Board Meeting Minutes 12-18-2019
Special Session Agenda 12-31-2019
Special Session Minutes 12-31-2019
Board Meeting Agenda 1-15-2020
Board Meeting Minutes 1-15-2020
Special Session Agenda 2-03-2020
Special Session Minutes 2-03-2020
Board Meeting Agenda 2-19-2020
Board Meeting Minutes 2-19-2020
Special Session Agenda 3-03-2020
Special Session Minutes 3-03-2020
Budget Meeting Agenda 3-11-2020
Budget Meeting Minutes 3-11-2020
Board Meeting Agenda 3-18-2020
Board Meeting Minutes 3-18-2020
Special Event 3-28-2020
Board Meeting Agenda 4-15-2020
Board Meeting Minutes 4-15-2020
Budget Meeting Agenda 4-15-2020
Budget Meeting Minutes 4-15-2020
Budget Meeting Agenda 5-13-2020
Budget Meeting Minutes 5-13-2020
Board Meeting Agenda 5-20-2020
Board Meeting Minutes 5-20-2020
Board Meeting Agenda 6-17-2020
Board Meeting Minutes 6-17-2020
Special Session Agenda 7-7-2020
Special Session Minutes 7-7-2020
Board Meeting Agenda 7-15-2020
Board Meeting Minutes 7-15-2020
Board Meeting Agenda 8-19-2020
Board Meeting Minutes 8-19-2020
Special Session Agenda 09-03-2020
Special Session Minutes 09-03-2020
Special Session Agenda 09-10-2020
Special Session Minutes 09-10-2020
Board Meeting Agenda 9-16-2020
Board Meeting Minutes 9-16-2020
Board Meeting Agenda 10-21-2020

FY 2019-2020 Budget Article
2019-2020 Budget

FY 2020-2021 Budget Article
2020-2021 Budget

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2018-2020 Board Members
Judy Garner Chairman
Phil Lobeck Board Clerk
Dave Schroedl Treasurer
Nancy Tschikof Member
Wayne Keller Member

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